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WM-610 Cloud Based Universal Remote Monitoring and Data Logging


What is a WM-610?

  • It is a simple, stand alone, universal monitoring system for almost any device you want to remotely monitor status of analog or discrete signals.
  • Cellular connectivity to avoid customer networks or trying to get through firewalls.
    Ethernet is optionally available
  • Clicking on any “widget” brings up trending with the ability to download data in CSV file format.
    10 universal inputs.

Default configuration is

  • Three resistive for temperature sensors
    Four 4-20 mA
    One 0-10 vdc
    Two dry contact discrete
  • When an alarm condition is set, Email is sent.
    When an alarm condition is cleared, Email is sent

The possibilities are endless as it is truly universal by design so not just for boilers.

Processes, tank levels, pumps, compressors….

Customers with no monitoring systems (churches, unmanned or after hours locations) or where equipment is not easily accessible

Movable equipment like rental boilers

Temporary sites to collect data for baseline or performance monitoring

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