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Boiler Plant Optimization Review


Boiler Room Safety, Efficiency, Reliability and Sustainability.

These are the goals and benchmarks boiler room owners and operators strive to achieve.

The high costs of operation, maintenance and now, the additional costs of legislation like Cap and Trade make it more challenging to stay on budget, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and decrease emissions.

We at Waterloo Manufacturing understand that and want to help you identify the opportunities within your boiler room by offering you our free, no obligation Boiler Plant Optimization Overview.

A Boiler Plant Optimization Overview is a complimentary site visit from a Waterloo Manufacturing  Cleaver-Brooks factory certified Boiler Plant Optimization Specialist™ to review basic operational characteristics of the boiler plant. The visit is typically 2-4 hours on site. During the visit the Boiler Plant Optimization Specialist evaluates and records pertinent information of the major operational pieces of boiler plant equipment including the boiler, burner, controls, heat recovery, and water treatment and other key equipment. After the information is collected, it is assembled into a detailed report, presented and reviewed with you during a follow-up meeting.

The Boiler Plant Optimization Overview identifies target areas within the boiler room to further pursue for improving the four cornerstones of Boiler Plant Optimization which are safety, efficiency, reliability and sustainability. The overview would also identify key areas related to deficiencies or observations recommended to be corrected to further optimize the boiler room operations.

The Improvement Opportunity Summary provides a detailed description for areas that can be improved to have a further positive impact related to Boiler Plant Optimization. These opportunities can be translated into energy savings, emission reduction and increased reliability of your operation.

Options for these opportunities and implementation costs can then be discussed together to help define a roadmap for improvement.

Contact us today to schedule your Boiler Plant Optimization Overview.

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